quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2016

China launches its second spacelab, the Tiangong-2

On this Thursday, 09/15, China launched it's second space lab to the air, the Tiangong-2. That's an important step to chinese people if they want to have a space estation in the future. In the next month, a ship with 2 astronauts will reach the space lab and then make themselves at home... a very particular home, hundreds of kilometers above our planet.

Tiangong-2, launched this Thursday at the Gobi Desert, 1600km away from Pequim.
It's name means "Celestial Palace" or "Heavens Palace".

This rocket simbolizes how human tecnology evolved through the ages, and how we are getting closer to know other worlds. The Tiangong-2, which was perfectly released into space, showing a great success of the human being, is crucial to this asiatic country 'cause they want to estabilish, until 2022, a permanet estation around Earth.