quinta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2016

Brave puppies "fight" against bear and save the day in California

In this Thursday morning 2 little puppies barked at a bear that was near a garden in Bradbury, California. Their owner, Christine Downs, took some photos of her dogs while they were trying to scare the wild animal away, a brown, 2 meters tall, bear. The dogs, who aren't bigger than a poodle, obviously were more than a match for the poor bear, who quikly left the area. With 2 dogs that looked more like giant wolf beasts, the bear decided it was not a clever idea to invade the yard. Nobody got hurt, althoug the bear will need some treatment after the incident.

Cachorrinhos corajosos 'encaram' urso em casa na Califórnia (Foto: Christine Downs/Facebook)
As you can clearly see, the bear turns away when realizes tha the garden is well protected.

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