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Scientists discover the biggest dinossaur in Brazil until then

The biggest dinossaur in Brazil until the present day was discovered in São Paulo. The dinossaur, who is 25 meters long (just like 2 buses) and lived in our planet during the Cetacean period was named in honor to the greek god of the seas: Poseidon. It's scientific name is Austroposeidon magnificus, because, due to it's enormous size and height, it should probably make the ground shake, just the sea god "used" to do.

Resultado de imagem para dinossauro brasileiro
A. magnificus is the bigger one in this picture. Scientists suppose it used to eat the leaves in top of the trees.
The bones of this dinossaur were discovered almost 70 years ago, but just a week ago it started being studied. "We were really surprised" said the paleontologists. "We have never seen such big creatures in our territory. When we first find the bones of this colossus, we thought it was a mistake and we didn't try to search more about it. Now we see how wrong we were".
The A. magificus, which fossile we still don't know if it was from a boy or a girl, used to have a natural predator, according to scientists. But they are not sure of who used to hunt this huge beast.

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