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Waiter breaks finger of 2000 years old statue in British Museum

Hundreds of years ago ( to not say thousands ) a statue was built in Greece, named Venus from Townley. Although the original one was lost through history, a well made copy was found in 1775 in Rome. In fact, the name "Townley" referes to the guy who bought the copy found 241 years ago; and then, the heirs of this man sold the statue to the British Museum in 1805, where it belongs since then.

So, a few days ago the Museum was closed for a private party who would take place in the local. While preparing the food and taking care of everything, one of the waiters present acidentally hit the right hand of the statue with a powerful headbutt, what broke the statue's thumb. Considering the importance of the artifact to the Museum, it was restored and sent back to the museum. If the waiter was fired or not, we will never know.

Estátua foi comprada pelo Museu Britânico em 1805 (Foto: BBC)
British Museum, bought the statue in 1885.

 Vênus de Townley já foi restaurada desde o incidente, em dezembro passado (Foto: BBC/British Museum )
Venus of Townley. The statue had it's thumb completely restored.

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