quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2016

1 tonne crocodile is found in Sri Lanka

Last monday near the city of Matara ( Sri Lanka ), a giant crocodile was found, stuck in an watercurse. The reptile, who is almost 1 tonne and has at least 5 meters has been seen "trapped" into a small river no far from a city in Sri Lanka. Somehow, the animal managed to get stuck into some kind of hole, where the population saw him. The people were very surprised by the height of the crocodile: They have never seen such big one in the region. In the end, it was removed from the watercourse with the help of a bulldozer. The animal didn't seen to bother the machine and he was put again into the river, where he slowly swimmed away.

Escavadeira é usada para erguer o crocodilo
The crocodile get back to the river with the help of a bulldozer.

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