sexta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2016

Mexican cement factory offers to build Trump's wall

   Chihuahua Cements, a mexican cement (obviously) company offered to build one of the promises from the next american president Donald Trump: A wall. Apparently, nothing can get between a good trade or business and, ironically, mexicans are going to build a barrier that separates them from the U.S.A. This attitude, considered quite misunderstood by a lot of people, was justified by the fact it will generate a large bunch of jobs and it will be well paid... if Trump accepts it, because, as it was shown before, he said the mexicans would pay for the wall.
   Although his speech is tough and Trump appears to be racist against immigrants, it's not so simple at all. There ALREADY is a wall between U.S and Mexico, that last for 30% of their borders. This wall was built around 20 years ago during mandate of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton husband. Apparently, this improvement in the barriers have the objective to stop just the illegal imigrants who, actually, do a large percentage of crimes in the region. While some people in U.S.A are worried because they think they might be deported out of the America, there is no risk at all, as long as they aren't in an illegal situation in the country.

Muro metálico na fronteira
Metal wall between U.S.A and Mexico. It's estimated that already
30% of their border has some kind of "defense".

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  1. A mexican company offering to build the famous wall which is supposed to separate Mexico and USA? This is so ironic... rsrsrs
    Anyway, good job Rafael. :D