sexta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2016

Russia and Cuba sign defense cooperation deal until 2020

   In order to provide military improvement to Cuba and then more modern tecnology, Dmitri Rogozin, russian minister, and Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, Minister Council of Cuba, sign a deal during a meeting between the two countries in Havana, Cuba's capital.
   According to Rogozing, the dealing does not apply to military sellings: the only objective is to make Cuba a nation not so late, military talking. Guns and the army of Cuba today are the same as decades ago, durng the cold war and when the Sovietic Union still existed. With this comprmise, Cuba is gonna have enough power to keep up with nowadays challenges.
   It's important to remember the Dictator Fidel Castro, who ruled over Cuba along the last decades, died no less than 3 weeks ago. With this, thousands of Cubans, espeacially in Miami, U.S, cellebrated his death, as one of the worst "leaders" world has seen passed out.

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Fidel Castro, Cuban dictator, died in the day 25 of November of 2016. Ironically, this was the same day of Black Friday. So, Castro died at the most capitalistic day of the year.

Germany launches program to help immigrants repatriation

    A few years ago, large series of conflicts in Middle East forced massive groups of people to get out of their country and then flee from the constant war. These amount of immigrants went to a lot of places around the world, espeacially Europe. There, unfortunelly, xenophobia, terrorist attacks, and the simple lack of space made the life of the immigrants harder. Few country were accepted well the amount of people going through their borders.
    Nowadays, with the end of the war starting to become visible, some countries, such as Germany, want to help immigrants to ge back to their places. This nation who, ironically, was one of the best helpers from the outsiders, is going to provide the equivallent to 530 million reais for immigrant repatriation in their own countries. This process is gonna happen during the next 3 years.

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Middle East

South Korea president is suffering impeachment

    South Korea president, Park Geun-hye, is suffering the process of impeachment in her government, because of lots of corruption scandals. Her exit from the presidence, which was approved by the 234 ministers ( against the 56 who were against it ), means all her power will be transferred to the first-minister Hwang Kyo-ahn, who has now control of the army and the decisions in the external politics.
    President Park, the first woman in presidence of South Korea, had her schemes discovered when one off her friends, seeking power and advantages, started giving Park "advices" of how to control the country. Her friend, altough, had no qualifications to such a thing, and then the investigations started.

Parlamento da Coreia do Sul abre processo de impeachment da presidente Park Geun-hye
Park Geun-hye, first women president in South Korea